Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to the living

Whew - Its been a while. I am overwhelmed with trying to find a house, deciding whether to rent or buy... painting and organizing and general daily crap. I have an art show coming up... wonder if I will do well. I am hoping to at least sell one of the three entries. I have broken my routine! I have trashed all daily happenings and have thrown linear happenings out the door.

My dog has allergies and looks like Quasimoto. His one eye is al pink and swollen. He is on puppy Benadryl and Eye drops. He now HATES the eye drops, and has learned when they are coming...then mopes around the house with his eye closed to make me feel bad. But for whatever reason he thinks the Benadryl is a specially wrapped piece of candy just for him so thats good to give him a treat after enduring that terrible eye drop.

I am surprised my BF and I havent killed each other. The stress of him not having his job finalized and on paper yet, along with us being in corporate housing STILL (going on 10 months now) is getting to be at a bit of a climax. Of course it wouldnt be so bad if we both hadnt already been through a lengthy relo process a few years back...seems like we havent been stable since 2005. Aside from that - our spirits are ok.

I want to paint a big painting again! I cant risk buying a canvas though. I had bought one that I didnt get a chance to paint on and had to leave it in Texas. Bummer. I am glad I hadnt painted it yet. I actually would rather be making my own but of course that wont work either.

I will try to get to posting again soon.