Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Art Show entry Day 2

I worked a little too long yesterday (most of which was thinking and staring) on my art show entry. I added some paper details, and some cheesecloth socks. I think, also, that my BF has talked me into submiting two entries. Of course he is worried that this one will not win because it was too dark and the background shouldnt be black...I think it will be fine, and just want to submit another piece on the off chance that it will sell. I am crossing my fingers taht these pieces will at least sell, even if I dont place...and that will bring some money in for me!

Still a lot to do though. I have to outline this guy... do some more coral cut outs, more texture on the birdie. I have to finish off the socks and get some straps on them so taht they dont slide down on his birdie feet. I am also ocnsidering changing the formulas in the fibonacci spiral a bit...maybe painting them i a lighter color. I dont think I will work on it today...maybe wait till the weekend.

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