Monday, March 2, 2009

Etsy ROADTRIP - El Paso Part 2

For my second installment in my Etsy ROADTRIP El Paso, I am featuring a store that carries vintage clothing. I, too, am a fan of things past, and was drawn to some of the color and patterns that are displayed proudly in penelopewolf's shop, O'Wolfe!.

O'Wolfe! sells all items vintage, including but not limited to "40's Pin Up, 50's Glam, 60's Go Go, 70's Hippie chic to over the top electro 80's". With such a wide range of eras, you might think that it would be hard to keep a cohesive look and flow to the shop, but penelopewolf pulls it off with ease. Penelopewolf has been collecting vintage for the past 6 years, and has, in her past life, sold on Ebay but has commented on her love for Etsy over previous online ventures. Penelopewolf is inspired by extremely unique patterns but also has an eye for detail and is drawn to intricate details like interesting and one of a kind buttons.

Here are some of my Favs from O'Wolfe!

I just LOVE that skirt! It is a prime example of that striking pattern that the seller is talking about. Also, those boots are too perfect. I am extremely tempted by them myself...and they are MY size so maybe I should add them to my wishlist ;)
Penelopewolf commented on her love for Vintage: "I'm currently committed to buying a small but well chosen inventory of vintage that I see as being interesting, rare, unusual and unique. I like my customers to feel like they have a one of a kind dress even if someday they do come across an identical piece, at least they didn't wait a decade to do so. Also, I personally love vintage because the quality of construction and fabrics is unparalleled when it comes to modern pieces. I can buy a 100% silk dress for less than $10 if it's vintage as opposed to paying ten times that price as a department store. Vintage is just clearly a better value these days and I can't resist knowing that I might just have a piece no one else has!" And I share her sentiments exactly! Stop on in and give her shop a whirl.

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