Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Whats up with me today

Do you ever hear a song on a commercial and want to shake the hand of the person that thought up that winning combination? That has happened to me more and more recently. the first time that I noticed it was when UPS started using songs from "The Postal Service". I love The Postal Service and have often wondered how many people out there caught the connection and thought it as clever as I did. Probably not many, but they are out there!

Today, while updating my last post, I caught a Crayola commercial using a song by "The Unicorns", which is a band that I don't think is around anymore...under that name anyways, but I loved them just the same. I was so proud of that selection! The commercial had my undivided attention. You should totally look them up on Wikipedia and try to get some downloads of them.


ART Show update:
I have finished my two paintings for the Bakersfield Museum of Art Visual Arts Festival. Whew - mouthful. I have to coat them up and make them all shiny and then sit on them for a month or so until I can submit them. That will be the hard part. I don't want to wait. I am satisfied with them though. I might do some more pics of them...but I don't want to spoil all of the surprises.

My big plan this year is to enter at least 10 Art shows... most online, some in person. I am 3 months behind already so I better get a crackin.

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