Monday, March 2, 2009

Etsy ROADTRIP - Tucson Part 1

I passed through Tucson, and had the pleasure of staying the night there. My Boyfriend had never seen a cactus before so it was pretty hilarious watching his reaction to the landscapes. He kept asking me all through Texas when we would see a cactus, making this funny one arm up and one arm down body movement, scrunching his face up. (He told me that they all looked angry, like they were ready to throw down) As promised, right when we hit Tucson, we hit Cacti! He was NOT disappointed.

So here are some of the finds that I have from Tucson!

My first feature is Feralgirl. Her shop, Feral Empire has some of the coolest hand-stitched bags I have come across. I am attracted to Green and Red leather bags with a fearful intensity so that might explain a little of my love for this shop. Feral Empire also makes some nifty T-Shirts that you should be sure to check out. I would invite anyone looking for a new bag, wallet or tote to visit Feral Empire and support quality, long lasting products that you will be sure to love more and more the longer you own it!

Check out my favorites... (I was mentally planning outfits for the green purse while writing this up. I guess that makes me a match the clothes to the purse kind of girl, rather than a find the right purse for the clothes type of girl)

Check out what feralgirl has to say about her items straight from her Etsy profile: "My love and passion is for making high quality, durable goods. I am so sick of all the mass produced crap that just ends up in a bin at a thrift store. My products get better with age- whether it is a tee shirt that becomes a soft favorite or a handbag that ages to a perfect patina.I want my products to live a full and happy life!!I believe in using leather because, as we all know, if people are going to continue to EAT the cow..there will always be leather.And I think it is only wise not to let such a useful by-product go to waste." Here-Here! Enjoy Feral Empire!

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