Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Etsy ROADTRIP - Los Angeles Part 1

For my first Los Angeles Etsy seller, I would like to introduce franticmeerkat! I used to be sickly addicted to old books. I loved the pictures, the style of speaking and yes, the smell... and this shop simply reminds me of those wonderful books. The images created are not only super cool, but they are assembled with such a sense of humor that I cannot deny the giggles arising in my tummy. Franticmeerkat also has an Etsy store showcasing some of her super talented artwork so be sure to stop in there and check that out too!

There are just so many cards, magnets and prints available in The Frantic Meerkat that I could spend all day clicking each individual image and exploring franticmeerkats art. There truly is something for everyone in this shop. Check out what caught my eye from the start.

In case all of you (any of you) out there were wanting a fun and fantastic story about why I love these two images in particular, here you are: I, myself have partaken in the drunk waffles outing many a times. Of course that was in KY where Waffle House if king (2 years in Iowa without Waffle House was like being in Hell without water). I actually ate there one time and a friend offered to buy my whole dinner (after I had eaten it) if I chug the Tabasco. You know how that one ends. As for the Vespa image...well, I think that bicycles are neato and I always dreamt of someday moving to the Canary Islands and opening a Vespa rental shop. *sigh*
Go to franticmeerkats shop and buy all of her cards and magnets!

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