Thursday, March 12, 2009

Belated Wishing for Sales Wednesday Featured Seller

Ah! I wrote this up last night but got into watching a movie and forgot to log in and publish it...hence the explanatory edits...

Featured Seller #2 is none other than the talented lilheart! Her shop, Little Heart - handmade with heart by Chelsea sells fantastic earrings and other accessories! This fabulous start up shop has some amazing potential. Stop in and buy all the feathers that you see and put them in your ears and put them in your hair. lilheart has an eye for the natural, and uses this keen eye to turn the natural into a supernatural piece of adornment.

Take a moment to look over my favorites!

Fantastic Pictures too, huh? What better way to display feathered accessories than where they live in the wild? This truly is a shop that is a "Bud ready to bloom!" Buy a pair of earrings from lilheart today.

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