Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I want to have some structure finally to this all over the place blog! I don't think that I am ready to commit to a theme every day but lets try 3 days a week! Lets try Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Monday - Made my day Mondays: Interesting things have been happening since I have been on the road. I will try to lighten those Monday moods with something funny that might have happened to me or in my area that weekend.

Wednesday - When will I sell something Wednesdays: Features Etsy sellers that are eagerly awaiting their first sale!! Gives you a chance to look at the undiscovered and maybe even give them that first boost!

Friday - Fine Art Friday: I want to get back into painting so I would like to take Fridays and feature Etsy artists that paint and collage and all that fun stuff...Most of which I would like to have less than 50 sales or so but I wont discriminate if I fall in love with the art!

Well... as it is Wednesday, I think I will poke around on Etsy to see what Newbies I can find!

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