Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Portrait attempts

I had an idea a few weeks ago for some paintings. The problem is that many of the paintings in my series that I want to do will include pictures of people. And I CANT PAINT people. I have never had an art class (Don't know how I missed out on that in school AND college) but anyway I have no idea how the paintings in my series would turn out if I went all crazy without any practice.

So I have decided that before I start my series, I will have to paint several pics of people to get the juices flowing. I am painting all of my favorite facebook profile pics from my friends accounts. Yep... I snuck in, stole pictures from my friends wall photos and will be painting all of them to get my butt in gear.

All of them will be on 9x12' acrylic paper and I will have to figure out what I will do with them after that. That is pretty much where my idea ends. So here was my first victim. It is my friend Cecilia from KY. She knits, and this is apparently her knitting a scarf. I apologize in advance to all my friends for my poor skills thus far.

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  1. Your artwork has a style of it's own. It's great. I'd love you to steal my photo from blogspot and do me too. I always wondered what I would look like to an artist.


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