Thursday, March 5, 2009

Etsy Showcase coming up

I purchased an Etsy showcase for my shop this weekend. I will have a spot on the Saturday 7th Accessories showcase. I hope to unload some of my brooches and maybe even a necklace or two. I plan to have a mix of them in my top ten. I have re-taken all photos and will be photo editing and reposting like crazy tonight in preparation. I HATE redoing all my pics at once, as it is so time consuming but ah well... I hope I get some sales from the showcase though. If I get only one then it will be worth the cost.

I have been trying my hand at wire ring wrapping. I have had a few successes and a few dissappointments too. I will hit you up with some pictures of the ones that didnt simply fall apart later on.

I renewed last night and logged into my google analytics page to find that my bounce rate was down to 50%!!! THAT is a huge triumph over my 63%+ that I have been battling all month. Whew. I also have to revamp my profile and my welcome message. I will be online until bedtime. Whew. Better get going on those photos I guess. If I have time I will post some of my Bakersfield Etsy ROADTRIP sellers.

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