Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shop Revamp

I updated my banner! I am trying once again to make my two shops a bit more alike, to ease the eventual transition into one store. Check out the new digs! I also took a slew of new photos the other day and finally got most of them edited and into my items. I also listed 3 new necklaces. I have to expand my jewelry items a bit more. My shop doesn't have a lot of variety in sizes and colors, and I feel that this could hurt my sales. I will work to add more items this weekend too.

I have been practicing the rings, but don't want to go too Wrapped Ring crazy until I get an official Ring Mandrel. It looks a tad unprofessional when my descriptions say, "It fits my pinkie finger nicely" haha. Also, I made an unrelated trip to a few craft stores on Wednesday and ended up spending $40 on new pendants, beads and buttons YIKES! Ah well, it will all be used some day.

I am entering a juried Art show in my area. (Hence the unrelated craft store trips) I need an 8x8 canvas...inches, not feet, and cannot find one anywhere. I usually make my own canvases but as I don't have any tools with me on the road and nowhere to store lumber and gesso, I must buy pre-stretched. I am making the journey to the museum today to buy one of the canvases that they offer for the show, and maybe pay my registration. - Of course I will update with progress reports once I get to start the painting!!

Here are some before and after pics from my shop redo.

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