Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wishing for Sales Wednesday - Smitherine Designs

I got a bit of serendipitous luck this morning. While researching my Etsy Road trip, I had found a seller named SmitherineDesigns in the Los Angeles area. As I always do prior to any feature, I convo'd requesting permission. As my response was a bit delayed, I hadn't performed the write up for my Etsy Road trip - L.A. which is great because This shop fits right in to my Wednesdays! Double Bonus! Smitherine Designs is awaiting her first sale. Stop on in and check out the fantastic jewelry in this shop. I was at first attracted to the Lemon Chalcedony Drop Necklace. I think I was on a yellow kick that night. Also, anything that uses a noun as an adjective in the Item title is an automatic click for me. (Like "That Ford Fiesta was a funky Nail Polish color."... not such a great example but that's the one that comes to mind)

I also like the Bamboo Leaf Agate Hoop Bracelet. I think what I like best about the jewelry overall is the quality of work. These pieces were very thoughtfully constructed, and each have a very individual look to them. Check out my favorite images from the shop:

See how pretty that Yellow is? Very dainty and lovely, but also substantial enough to create a very dramatic look. Yummy. Make sure to stop in and support Smitherine Designs! I am adding these pieces to my wish list right now.

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