Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ROADTRIP through the eyes of Rambo

I had the pleasure of taking my baby bulldog Rambo with me on the road. He was the perfect backseat companion. He was good most of the trip, but every time we had to stop at a gas station, he was frantic when my BF got out of the car. He didnt much care if I was there or not, but man did he hop to when his daddy was gone. I have put together some pictures of the puppy through each of the cities. (I took more pictures of Rambo on the trip than I did of the scenery)

Here he is!

Aint he cute? He spent a good deal of time trying to sneak into the front seat. At 40 lbs, he was rather hard to push away when he was fighting me for attention. When he finally lost the battle, he would usually end up like the last image, where he put his huge head on the center console. The top picture is a good representation of every gas station along the way. It was so hot outside and we had all of our belongings in the car, so my BF and I would take turns going in to the gas station or rest stop so someone could remain in the air conditioned car with Rambo. This was fine, because Rambo could then pretend that he was driving.

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