Monday, March 23, 2009

Made my Day Mondays - Gas Chamber

I cant really say that this made my day in a positive way but it certainly gets me started each day with a laugh and a turn of the stomach. As most of you out there know, I am on the road with my Bulldog. What many may not know, however, is that Bulldogs are brachycephalic. This means that their tiny little noses are too freaking shirt and they have to "reverse sneeze" every now and then to get air. This leads to too much air in their system which must get out.

When Rambo was a puppy, he got the air out through swallowed burps and got the hiccups every few hours. Now he just farts. ALL the time. And they are bad. They aren't little puppy toots that you smell and everyone in the room blames it on the dog. They are Crop dusting, loud, Rambo is walking from the kitchen to the back porch farting the whole way kind of toots. And this is 24 - 7. We have learned to live with it... except I get the pleasure of living with it much more than Rambo's daddy does.

Since we are on the road, we cant travel with Rambo's kennel all the time. He is kennel trained so we lock him in the bathroom at night so that he doesn't break his routine. Here is the problem: He is locked in a bathroom from 10:30 - 6 am with him, his toy moosey, and his farts. So every morning at 6 am when I get him out for his morning walk, I am walking into a room sized gas chamber. You can smell the trapped puppy gas in there and man it is dank!

I need to get a House with a kennel so that there is more room for those farts to air out before morning!


  1. Hilarious! I had a daschund when I was younger and he had the same problem although it happened mostly when he barked!! Double whammy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a dachsund now that does that, but it's not reverse sneezing with her, it's a collapsing trachea. Maybe Rambo needs to get checked for that. We had a gassy Boxer, but when he passed the lethal gas, he would turn around to see who did it.

  3. We checked him last month and the vet seems to think he is ok for now but I think we will be checking him frequently. He has to be the most spoiled animal alive. If I counted, I would say this guy poots 50 times a day, all shamelesssly.


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