Monday, March 2, 2009

Etsy ROADTRIP - El Paso

I passed through El Paso on Saturday. Lovely city. I forgot how much I miss the presence of the mountains in sight. I was born in AZ, and was used to the Superstitions always beeing in my horizon. Anyway, in keeping with my plan, I have a feature for El Paso. This one is dear to me, as I am familiar with the inspiration for the product due to traveling with my baby English Bulldog, Rambo.

BrownFido specializes in making realistic, but fake Dog Poo. (and rather convincingly, I might add) It comes in a few different shapes, sizes and quantities. BrownFido was also the brains behind the many piles of poo from the movie Marley & Me, which is very super cool. My personal favorite is the Dog Poop business card holder. I would have loved one of those at my last job. Here are a few pictures of BrownFido's handy craft!

As you can see, it is very convincing. I am going to keep track of this seller to make sure that when I am back in the nasty, corporate working world, I am prepared with the business card holder! Make sure that you stop by and check it out.

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