Monday, March 16, 2009

Made my Day Mondays

I don't talk much about my boyfriend. Truth is, he doesn't like being talked about. He is a bit on the Obsessive Compulsive side. (And trust me, I am not making light of OCD...this man actually has it, but being the uber patient loving gal that I am, I find it to be entertaining most of the time...and when its not, I can deal with it) Anyway, he doesn't like personal stories being told about him... would NOT allow me to post a picture of any kind blah blah. Aside from all this, there are many many moments that would make a fantastic book. The man is walking Blog fodder.

I was reminded of an interesting travel story when my mom called to tell me about her trip to see Ron White. She was telling me of a story he told about going to a golf club and getting into it with the Valet booth attendant. I guess he rolled down the window and very calmly told the man what he could do with himself. The comment was about how it would feel to be able to just tell people what you thought of them on a bad day... and not be socially obligated to be polite or patient. This struck me as funny because my boyfriend IS that way. ALL the time. He rarely contemplates how he will be viewed socially prior to acting or saying what he thinks.

In most cases, I follow behind him in public and voice apologies and all of those niceties that he might have overlooked... like all of the thank yous when we are at a restaurant and the waitress refills both our drinks... or the excuse me's needed when he pushes past a crowd of people... or the thank yous for people holding doors for us. I guess it never occurred to me what might happen in my absence. What goes on when he is out there all alone in the world, tunneling through things in his own little bubble?

Well, on the drive out here I found out. We were traveling with the dog so at all of the gas stations we took turns going in so that we didn't have to leave him in an un-air conditioned car. I went in first at a stop right outside of Los Angeles. The gas station was REALLY busy and there was a man at the counter talking loudly to himself and bothering many of the others waiting in line. I ignored him like everyone else was doing and went on my way. After I got out to the car and my boyfriend went in and returned, we were leaving and I noticed that familiar look on his face. He had done something for sure. I asked him what was up and he did not hesitate to tell me.

He, too, saw the man that was bothering everyone. Problem was, the man got too close to my BF. He apparently told the man, "Listen up buddy. Do us a favor and shut the F#@% up!" The guy shut up and left. Figures. He truly is a KY boy. No doubt about that. Moments like that remind me why I am with him. I am helplessly attracted to that little KY badass charm. Maybe some day I will tell the story about the conversation that took place when he went to Oregon and a man tried to pump his gas for him. THAT one had me rolling in the floor.


  1. I have to read your blog on a more regular basis, you're a good writer and I loved your story. BTW, your dog is adorable.

    Another BTW, my site visits to "yourmommakesjewelry" increased 35% with my son's photo as the avatar. What does that tell you?

    Take care.

  2. Thanks!

    I thought that your new avatar would work out. Great idea!


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