Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wishing for Sales Wednesday - SickSadKids

Due to my sporadic laziness of late, this post is about 12 hours behind but here it is notetheless. I found a super cool shop yesterday that definitely deserves a feature - SickSadKids. This shop sells handmade dolls that are lovingly crafted from Beanies! (The hats, not a cute word for beans or anything like that) SickSadKids has been selling these slightly sadistic best friends for 2 years in the real world, and has just recently joined the Etsy world. All bases are covered here, including "Kit Katasptrophe" with hearts on his tummy (from loverspast) and a studded choker... and one of my favorites, "Sleepy Harlow" which makes me kind of want a little nap. (Without the razorblade pillow)

SickSadKids invites one and all to get their own slightly darker version of themwhichever lovely doll they best identifies with, captured in your own beanie doll, "I hope you enjoy throwing, tossing, loving, caring, sleeping, and playing with these rocked out kids as much as I enjoy stitching them."

Check out some of my favorties:

Isn't he sweet? Stop in to SickSadKids and buy up the whole set!

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