Friday, March 20, 2009

Fine Art Friday - Part 1: whitneyj

My first feature for Fine Art Friday is an Etsy seller who creates wonderful collages. Whitneyj constructs them from magazine images and affixes them to wood, which creates an incredible earthy feel, despite the glitz and forced glamour of some of the images plucked from the pages of fashion magazines. I love that they are mounted on wood too. Something about that root element drives the message home.

My favorites are from a collection of collages that transforms images of women into a mother - nature hybrid. Back to basics, so to say. whitneyj speaks about her inspiration and process in her Etsy Profile: "Many of my images are pulled from fashion magazines where the female form has become a hanger for expensive uncomfortable clothing. Models are posed in objectifying ways that often remove any sense of strength and joy. Let's face it, women are art's muses. Why not celebrate our strength and beauty? My approach is to extract women from their constructed photo shoots and place them in an environment that is empowering and engaging. "

Very true... and it makes for such captivating work! Check out my favorites:

Check out this whole collection and perhaps buy a few of them. How cool would these all look right on a row on your living room walls?

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