Saturday, February 28, 2009

I made it to Tucson! Etsy ROADTRIP update

Well, it took me forever...14 hours to be exact (I travel with a Bulldog puppy, which always adds a couple hours to the trip for potty breaks and runs through rest areas). I have the word out to a few Etsy shops that I like from El Paso and Tucson, AZ. Of course, I would always prefer not to post anyones items until I receive permission from them first so I might be a day behind or so in my "online travels".

The trip was lovely. I have driven back and forth from Eastern KY to Des Moines, IA several times (many more than I care to admit) and that drive is TERRIBLE... but I have to admit that I love the desert. I like having mountains in the far away distance, like you have a goal that you are working towards all day. I took some really crappy - from the car pictures that I will have to post when I haven't spent 14 hours on the road. The best ones, I have to admit, are of my dog in the back seat looking pitiful and bored.

I should be in Bakersfield earlier tomorrow so I will have time to post more.

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