Monday, February 23, 2009

10 things I will miss about Texas

As this is my last week here, I guess that I will post about some of the things I will miss. Only 4 more days!!!

1. Big Red on tap. - I love Big Red soda, and Texans are crazy for it! Not only can you find it everywhere, but it is at most Fast Food restaraunts on the fountain machine.

2. Weather - Always sunny, and mild even on its bad days

3. Beer is in abundance - All the gas stations have a large bin full of ice - and Fresh cold 20 oz cans of beer. Weird, as Gas stations usually sell to travelers...

4. Speed limit changes day and night - I was pulled over in Austin for going 67 after dusk. The Patrolman said, "Speed limit is 65 at night in Texas, Ma'am."

5. People are jsut as friendly as back home - you will get in many conversations while waiting in line, and will always have someone holding the door for you

6. H.E.B - Best grocery chain that I have ever been to... I go there every day, and sometimes spend too much time there.

7. Whataburger - We dont have these back east, but I LOVE them.

8. Jack in the Box - closest one is in Tennessee. I like eating Tacos,Cheese Sticks, and french fries at 2am.

9. You can get lost, but every road runs either N - S or E- W. You are always able to head back the other direction and find home.

10. Stacked highways - Sometimes the city looks like a science fiction comic. I often feel like a pinball when coming back into the North part of San Antonio after being near Houston.

I guess that is all I have for now. I would post why I miss / Love KY so much but I think that would go on longer than 10 posts.

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