Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WOW! Facebook Ad Day 1 over already

Well, The ad ran for a whole hour. I got 47,000 image spots...seemingly over with in a flas, and only 8 clicks out of it. The terruble thing is that I had an $8 per day spending limit so that My whole $100 credit wont be gone in one day. Perhaps I should have done the Payper clicks route but I had read that other Etsians got more bang from their buck on the images option. So I am getting about one click per 5875 images.

Which means that today, I paid $1 per click. Ugh. Maybe I will switch it out after a day or so. Anyway, I looked more into the coupon thing and you will see your credit balance under billing and funding. When it runs out, you gotsta pay. So I will be out of ads in about 12 days, which means that I should cancel within 10 days jsut in case they keep on charging me :)

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