Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Calendar, IndieSpotting

I made it onto Indie Spotting again! YAY! I plan to submit every Monday, to keep it up a bit, as I noticed about 50 more clicks a day to the old Etsy shop. Also, I am placing my self on a regular weekly schedule.

Here goes:

Monday: Renew Etsy Items over $10; Submit photo to Indie Spotting; Overhaul, edit, tweak and update MyLittleHands blog

Tuesday: Retouch photos for Etsy site; Participate in Etsy forums and chat; spend a moment on personal blogs

Wednesday: Review Project Wonderful statistics and Bids; Make MySpace updates if needed; Update MyLittleHands Blog

Thursday: Play on Craftster; Spend a few on Etsy Forums; personal blog

Friday: Make Facebook Updates; Make Flikr Updates; MyLittleHands Blog

Saturday: Review Project Wonderful data; Make MySpace Updates; MyLittleHands Blog

Sunday: Crafster; Etsy Forums and Chat; MyLittleHands Blog

Of course this doesnt include creating and adding new items to Etsy, I just cant plan that all out yet. I hope to one day build up the old blog enough to have some themed days, giveaways, etc. But as I only have 2 followers, not many daily hits and only about 15 posts, I am not gonna jump the gun on that.

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  1. You are so organized! You've got some great information in, especially about different craft sites. My daughter is only two years older than you. I'm old. Your hair is adorable. Good luck in your travels, I'll be reading. I love your work too!


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