Monday, February 16, 2009

Pendants for Thought...

Ok. I am thinking again about making just the birds nests and then selling them as pendants in my etsy shop. Thoughts? That would help me to create a price point, and to make an in - between priced item for the shop. I have $5 items, and then $18 items in there now... would this help out at all? I am also trying to only use funds that are in my paypal account for etsy sales, listings and advertising to I am keeping to a very modest budget.

I made a sale over the weekend! I am a bit frustrated that everything is going so slow, (only 4 sales this year) but I am relieved that I am finding networking and marketing a bit easier each day. I have been posting in forums and chats and even started a project wonderful account today to advertise on a fellow Etsian's blog. (if you want to check it out, and my ad, You will find some wonderful glasswork there!

Here is the little felt item that I sold! I am excited about sending it, and decorated the little envelope with cute little evil penguins.

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