Friday, February 27, 2009

Etsy Featured Sellers ROADTRIP!!

So as many thoughts and ideas of mine do, I had a brain buster in the shower this morning. Since I am traveling across the country, and dont know when I will stop or how long I will be gone, or when I will be able to retreive my belongings... why not make it all Etsy related?

So, I have decided to feature fellow Etsy sellers by location, as I pass through their lovely towns. Of course I will start with San Antonio, as that is where this leg of the journey begins. I have a few convos out there, making sure that I have permission before just throwing awesome items and amazing pictures up on my blog...but once I have the good go - ahead, your eyes will sparkle and your wallets will open for sure!

I want to feature at least 3 sellers from each locale, if possible. So here goes! Enjoy, and feel free to visit their awesome Etsy shops and spread the love whenever it moves you to do so. PS: My car is not yellow. This will be my E- Car.

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