Thursday, February 19, 2009

Freaky Bird that hates me

On a completely unrelated to everything note, I was taking pictures of this bird that was mocking me when I was taking pictures of my tiny paintings today. He was making "car starting" noises at me the whole time, and seemed really agitated. I played with the color a bit in photoshop, to get the branches more seperate from the freaky bird, and to ensure that you can see his freaky eye. Weird. Anyway, I will post more pics after I play with them a bit. I hope he comes back tomorrow and becomes my friend.


  1. So Jessica, you're saying a bird was taunting you...making car noises at you...and that you want to be its friend now...uh-huh? Good picture though.

  2. I snagged my boyfriend that way! I figure it could work for a bird too.


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