Friday, February 20, 2009

Facebook Update

I just dont see how this could be worth it. What a great opportunity, and a way to save money in trying something new...but I am NOT getting any where near the bang for the buck. Perhaps it is my Ad, I dont know. I am simply too little a seller in this big business world to get anything from Facebook yet. If you have had many many sales, and generate enough money monthly from your Etsy store to pay for Facebook Ads, then perhaps it is better for you.

I have had a whopping 4 sales since December and am in no way a member of this elite category. Alas, I will keep on trucking and trying to boost my sales any way that I know how. Another problem is arising, however... I have these new paintings that I wantt o display but I am losing coherency in my store. I have a huge section of felt items, a growing section of jewlery, and now goofy paintings?? Not gonna work. I thought that putting them in my bigger store (I also have a store with a few paintings in them) would be better for exposure... but I am now rethinking this decision.

I think I will delete them and re - post them in my other store ( and then re-do my profile and banner and all that on that end. Then I can feature both shops here and hope for the best. SIGH. Lots of work for such little payoff at the moment. I hope things pick up soon.

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