Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Why not? As I said previously in a post, I would like to further structure this humble blog. I would like to do at least a monthly giveaway, and at least one tutorial per month to get the ball rolling. I need to boost my view power a bit too though. That is why I think that I am going to do my first giveaway as a referral format. (shameless self promotion...yes.)

The winner will receive their pick of any of my brooches or keychains from my Etsy Shop. Once I get a larger fan base, of course, I can afford to give away jewelry and art... I'm working up to it folks! Anyway, here are some of the brooches available if you are click - hesitant.

How to win: Refer friends to follow my blog! That easy. As I would like to get the most benefit from this idea of mine, I will allow several winners. For every TWO followers you refer, You can take your pick of my brooches or keychains and I will send em on out to you! This will go on from Today until Friday, March 6th. To collect your referral points (so I can keep track of them) just send me an email with the name of the newbie you sent my way.

Of course, if you are like myself, you might not be a huge fan of spamming your friends. If you just don't have any online friends that would be interested in my daily rambles, hang in there! I will run another giveaway in March!

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