Sunday, February 1, 2009

New ideas

I would like desperately to start painting again. I know that is is not the best idea (unless I keep up the smaller ones) until I get settled into a house...but my idea wall is getting packed. I am gaining quite a to do list. I am excited about being in the out of the box sampler. That is cool. I hope that it gains some traffic to my site.

I feel a little scrambled and transplanted right now too. I want to start so many things but there is no clear delineation for me to use for a game plan. It all kind of blurs together. Basically, my craft bin gets fuller and my picture files on my computer get fuller but nothing seems to get completed. I might be a bit burnt out from the last 25 creations for the Valentines day Box Sampler. I am felted out for now.

I am terribly tempted to go buy a canvas. A nice sized one. It is definitely not a possibility to make one (ideal) as I am still in a small hotel room and cant go out and buy staple gun, paint and stuff to make Gesso, cut lumber, etc. *sigh* Hopefully I will have some news next Friday about Mexico and I can make plans on moving. - 6 months of all my belongings in a storage unit is beginning to get a bit old.

Here are the things that I put in the Out of the Box Sampler this month:

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