Friday, February 6, 2009

Spring Idea

I am working up a new Springy batch of flower brooches. I will have 2 compelted (and hopefully uploaded tonight) and others each day to come. I should make good progress over the weekend. My goal is to have 6 compelted by Monday. I am planning to put them in cute little flower pots and ship them out that way. I hope they turn out nicely.

I am also working on making some bird - inspired necklaces. I cant get too crafty with them, as I left all of my jewelry stuff in KY and am not looking to duplicate items that I will have to travel with and pack along. I plan on only purchasing what I need to make them. I dont know when I will be making it to the craft store next, so I dont have an ETA on those. I will try to get some in - process pics up of them though this weekend. Check back later today or tomorrow for pics of the completed flower pots.

UPDATE: Here are the finished products - As promised. I couldnt get a good shot of the items outside today, as it is overcast in San Antonio and there are people all over and I couldnt find a good spot to shoot. I have a few ideas though, and when I get all 6 completed (only 2 done so far) I will have a mini photo shoot outside.

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