Thursday, February 19, 2009

Newest Stuff!!

Ok, so I am about jewelried out for a few days. I am going to work on those little paintings that I have been cooking up in my acrylic coated brain for some time. I have perfected my Pirates, Ninjas, Cowboys and Robots images finally. I had the robot and the ninja, but have been struggling with the cowboy and pirate for some time...trying to get them simple enough so that I can duplicate them in various positions and situations. Finally - Success! Anyway, I had tons of fun working on these so I hope they do well.

I am also VERY proud of myself for using ALL 14 Etsy tags when listing them. Whoohoo. I always struggle with that. Well, Here they are! Oddly enough, as much as Robots are NOT my favorite of the four, I think that the robot is my favorite of these pics. He just fits on that pink background for some reason.
Anyway, on to more business - related business... I have some more stats from my Facebook Ad. Today I had 27,000 images so far. I have spent about $7 today on those images, which means that the cost per image was a bit higher for whatever reason than it was yesterday. I got 9 clicks today so far. So, all in all a tad bit better than yesterday, averaging 79 cents per click. Hell, I could pass out business cards and pay people $1 to go to my website if that was all it got me.
Which reminds me... I will start handing out the old business cards soon. I have a otn of them that I got for 5.95 from You should check it out, I think that for starters, it is a good deal for 250 cards. Anyway, I will update tomorrow with some data form my ProjectWonderful page. I had only 1 click from that as of the 2nd day, but I am staying hopeful.

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