Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lapidary visit

I finally made it out to the lapidary yesterday. I was impressed and disappointed all at the same time. They had an interesting organizational technique, and some great product, but it was all very high quantity. Price per unit was definitely acceptable, and something that I would be very willing to pay but you have to buy so many.

I purchased a strand of pendant sized grey and creme colored beads that I fell in love with because it looked like there was tree branches in them, but you could only buy them in a strand of 17. The strand was 15.99, and after the Texas sales tax of 8.12% I had spent quite enough on only one selection of beads. I did want them so much that I had to buy them, but did not have enough in my budget to splurge on matching items or something that I could use to put together an entire piece.

I would have gone on an all out spree if each piece wasn't so much money. There were strands ranging from $3.99 - 17.99, depending on the composition of the bead. There were about 5 or 6 types that I wanted, but $50 was not in the cards for me. I will have to continue my search for another shop, and stick to Beading to Go for my pendant needs. I will update with a picture of the beads that I got there later in the day...or maybe the pendant that I created from one using wire wrapping and an accent bead I got from Michael's.

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