Friday, February 27, 2009

Etsy ROADTRIP - San Antonio Final Installment

Etsy Creative CeramicaBotanica:

Ok, For our third and final seller of the evening, I came across CeramicaBotanica, a wonderul Etsy shop full of handmade ceramic pieces. CeramicaBotanica uses only food safe glazes to decorate her work, so all of that fashion is also chock full of function. Susan, proprieter of CeramicaBotanica has been creating with clay for 20 years, and most all of her work is a one of a kind piece of totally use-able art! I was attracted to the color and patterns, as she mentions that these are what inspire her awesome pieces.

The moment you have all been waiting for:

I am drooling over the green bowl. I decided (pre Rachel Ray) that I would do my kitchen in all green shades a little over 2 years ago. Of course at this time there were no green cookwares out there. I gave up and since I have been on the road the last year, now that Green is everywhere, I cant justify buying pots and pans when all I have is a very full car to lug them around in. I am so "hearting" this green bowl, and will have to check out this shop when I am stationary.


Thanks for reading!