Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flower # 2

Just wanted to quickly update with another flower. I will be posting all of them as I finish them so if you have any feedback feel free to share. I am struggling with color themes, as well as which way to shoot them. I need the images square as possible for my Etsy page, so I can get it all in there with minimal cropping but as you can see they are half again as tall as they are wide. I try, I try. I will be using different flower patterns on the next two.

Maybe shades of blue for today. I am in a blue mood. Also, I am done with the 1st pendant for the bird necklace, but need to see if I can venture out to the craft store for some beads. The old man is napping so we will see if there is a late afternoon trip in the cards for me today or not. May have to venture out on my own.

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