Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook Ads, Project Wonderful

Well, I have decided to try the $100 coupon for Facebook adspace. I am extremely skeptical, however, and feel that I will end up paying cash out of pocket. I just dont trust anything asking for a credit card. I have read other blogs about their exoerience with Facebook ad coupons, and they seem to check out so far. I did read the terms and conditions with a fine toothed comb though, and Buyers Beware:

It stated that Facebook reserved the right to continue to run your ad, at your expense, for up to 7 days after the cancellation request. So I will be watching carefully and will not let my budget go to the last few dollars. I will cancel out before the $100 is up. Sorry the Ad is so small, I custom made it to the Facebook specifications and did not make a grown up version of it :)
Anyway, I will update after a day or so and list any helpful data that I might have on hand. Now, for Project Wonderful: I have 4 active bids right now. I only started out with $5 in my account, just to see if I got any traffic. I am bidding a maximum of 3cents right now, so I am not on very high trafficked blogs... but I am in there, and trying my best to advertise on other Etsy related sites. It has been 2 days, I have spent a large FOUR CENTS and have one click. whoohoo.
Anyway, I will update later on today with some more necklace pics, and maybe I will have some more Facebook data by then too.

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