Monday, February 23, 2009

Going Home!!

Finally! After 3 long months in Texas, I am cleared to go home for a week or so. After that week of rest, I will hopefully be going to Iowa to get my stuff (and my car) out of storage, then maybe ((crosses fingers)) I can settle into a house or apartment or something. Whew. I am definitely excited about that. Now all I have to do is a million things to prepare for the two day trip up there.

Although I do love Texas, and still wouldnt mind relocating here, I was watching TV the other day and do miss KY. The ironic thing is that I was watching a show on the KY state Prison. I still liked the scenery there better... and it was scenery surrounding a JAIL! Anyway, I miss all the green and am ready to be at least close to home so I can do the Lake thing, play on the old boat, hang out on the Tree Farm, all those rednecky things that I never in a million years tought that I would miss.

Anyway, as far a business is concerned, I am cancelling my Facebook Ad account today most likely, and need some serious revamping on my project Wonderful account as well. Advice to anyone that is using or might use Project Wonderful: Do your research! Dont always go for the cheaper pages, or the ones that have the most views... I have tried both and those are my newbie mistakes. I am switching out for some nice Middle - pages with median visits per day, and with a little heftier Ad price. (over 3 cents). I guess I am too cheap for my own good :)

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