Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Facebook update / New project

Well, I don't know what happened but over the weekend I had a stroke of luck. My clicks from Facebook doubled. I had 15, 16, and 13 on Sun, Mon and Tues, respectively. I still plan on canceling the ad, due to very low Clicks and very high cost per click... (not to mention zero sales) but it was nice to see a bit of a jump in interest.

I think that I am going to formalize a plan for combining my etsy shops. Novembers Melon just gets no love. There is a LARGE problem with the storefront consistency but I will have to deal with that, and re-arrange a few things... Including adapting the Banner and avatar. My Novembers Melon banner is just so fun and colorful, and the MyLittleHands banner is slightly more reserved. Unfortunately for professionalism, I am notoriously more fun than professional so guess which one gets the boot.

I am doing a new project, although I am afraid that there will not be the same turnaround that I usually have as for posting completed works on the site. I am attempting to make some old school portrait style versions of my ninjas and robots characters. I no doubt will update later on today with any changes that I went through in my shops. (there is a 25% chance I will be driving to California, rather than KY on Friday so I might be out of commission for a couple days due to road ramblin.)

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