Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Plan to Boost Etsy sales

So I was looking at the old Etsy shop last night, wondering what else I could do to turn those few clicks I get daily into sales. I am a bit frustrated lately, but still trying new things. I know that I need to revamp the pictures a bot, and get in closer and add some better focal images and all that...but it is very hard to stage a good picture when all I have to work with is this hotel room. Not a lot to set up a picture with in a hotel room.

I have tried a few spots outside the room, in the walkways and such but still cant get it right. I have some cool props that I can use in storage, but 1000 miles away is a challenge. I will just have to let that part of my store rework wait.

So... in the past week I have completed the following:

  • I have offered free US Shipping on everything in my shop (with the cookie sets as exceptions).

  • I took the advice listed in one forum where the seller had sold 400 items in 9 months, and changed my even prices down 1 penny to the .99 cent mark.

  • I renewed all jewelry items so they are grouped together in my store.

  • I updated my banner and avatar to be more eye catching.

  • I shortened my welcome message, and cleaned up my policies.

  • I opened my Facebook Ad account, and have run that for almost a week... (not worth it in my opinion)

  • I have been using Project Wonderful, and managing my bids to the best of my ability.

  • I have my Blog linked up in a few places, with my Etsy button, Etsy Mini, etc. (as well as updating daily and trying to increase traffic the best way that I know how)

  • I maintain a Facebook Business page, Myspace page, etc. featuring my Etsy items

  • I contribute my items once a week to IndieSpotting.com

I just don't know what I am missing. I have a plan for next week though. I will begin to distribute my business cards. I will add photos of my shipping materials and packaging. I will plan out which photos need redone, and what I will use in them. I will redo the Welcome message and profile info to include a little more about me and my personality, rather than the more professional matter in there now. I will use MySpace and Facebook networking tools to broaden my friends base, and set up a schedule for updates using those tools. I will better structure my postings here in the old blog, including tutorials and giveaways. I have a lot to offer, but don't think that I am capitalizing on that as much as I should.

I am a bit handicapped this week, as I am preparing for the drive to KY, but once there, I will be on a farm in the woods, 10 miles from the city, and with nothing better to do than to improve my business.

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  1. Hi there

    I just peeked at your shop and it looks pretty nice to me. You have some great item for sale. All I can think of is that perhaps you could use a little more colour in ythe photos of your items to draw the eye in.

    I am also in the process of finding ways to create more traffic to my shop and have come across some helpful stuff. You might want to check out these sites to help you out.

    http://www.weloveetsy.com/shops/ - here you can post reviews of shops and have your shop reviewed etc. You have to wait a while to be approved but it is helpful I've heard (I'm still waiting to be approved).

    http://linkreferral.com This is a site that involves a little bit of your time but it certainly does bring traffic through to your site and people give your shop a review. I had some very helpful reviews that have helped me make my shop more attractive and efficient.

    Have you submitted your site to google base? check out http://letsets.com here you will find instructions on how to submit and maintain your shop items on google base.

    I have also spent some time in the chatrooms and there people are often looking for shops to feature on thier blogs so there is another opportunity to have new customers find you that way as well.

    There is always twitter. Something that I've just started as well. If your interested you can follow me on twitter at http://wwww.twitter.com/EnviousMoon there is a large etsy group on there as well.

    I hope that helps you out a little bit. I wish you the best with your shop!




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